Name Change

After doing business as Dynamic Software Solutions for 10 years I have decided to create a limited liability corporation under which to do business. My new business name is Working Software, LLC. Everything else is the same. Except now nobody else in the Commonwealth of Virginia is allowed to use that business name, and my business name finally matches my web-site domain name.

Unix Environment Variables for Mac OS X Applications

Mac OS X applications that are launched by the Finder (e.g., by double clicking the folder) do not see environment variable settings you make for your Unix shell, say from a Terminal window or in your .bash_profile file. For these applications you must put your settings in a property list file that Mac OS X reads when you log in.

Building and Installing PostgreSQL on Mac OS X

Here are instructions for building and installing the PostgreSQL database server on a Mac OS X system. This includes instructions for using dscl to create a special user account to manage the database processes and data, and a sample launchd script to automatically launch the database server on system startup.